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 - Matt Finish
 - Opaque
 - Pearl
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 - Zari

 - Diamonds
 - Mirror Effect
 - Pearl
 - Transparent
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In the annals of Indian history, Bangles have special traditional values.

Customs have epitomized bangles as a mark of respect for the women who adorn them till such time their spouses are alive. Bangles therefore signify the sentiments of our great cultural heritage.

This apart, bangles have found a niche amongst the young college going girls who use them as a friendship belt as well. Bangles lend them feminine Grace.

Acrylic Bangles goes practically with all the fashion trends.

Manufacturing Process :

Bangles are preliminary made of acrylic bangle pipes manufactured from Methyl Metha Acrylite Monomer - the major ingredient mixed along with different color pigments through the die-cast process.

The use of monomer is also widely accepted in manufacturing artificial human teeth as it is absolutely harmless to the human body.

Types of Bangles

1. Acrylic Bangles
2. Glass Bangles
3. Aluminium Bangles
4. Gold & Silver Bangles
5. Sealing wax Bangles
6. Wooden Bangles

In so far as the fashion trends are concerned, the acrylic bangles have no other match because of their inherent advantages as under :

1. User friendly.
2. Harmless to the body.
3. Unbreakable.
4. Available in host of colors/shades
5. Have flexibility of being studded with diamonds, metals, silver, etc.
6. Luster & shining are long lasting.
7. Requires no special care in maintaining.

Comparison of Acrylic Bangles over other types of Bangles :

  Acrylic Glass Gold & Silver Sealing wax Aluminium
Permanent shaping Pattern
Fire resistant
Harmless to human Body
Maximum color Combination
Cost effective
Easy & low upkeep
Easy Transportability





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