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 - Matt Finish
 - Opaque
 - Pearl
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 - Transparent
 - Two Tone
 - Zari

 - Diamonds
 - Mirror Effect
 - Pearl
 - Transparent
 - Zigzag


bout Rings


Sporting of rings on the fingers of a person has been rapidly picking up in the fashion world.

Apart from the display of riches, rings also serve to the charm of fingers when sported. Rings can be of different metals like gold, silver, brass and of late acrylic plastic has also been added to this list.

We manufacture such exotic type rings from acrylic plastic which can also be embedded with artificial diamonds.

Acrylic rings have lured teenage group more then the other users.

Acrylic rings are available in many colors and shades. They are cost effective and are affordable to match with all apparels.

As they are made from PMMA (Poly Metha Metha Acrylite Monomer), the material does not irritate the skin like the metal rings.

Comparison of Acrylic Rings over other types of Rings :

  Acrylic Glass Gold & Silver Sealing wax Aluminium
Permanent shaping Pattern
Fire resistant
Harmless to human Body
Maximum color Combination
Cost effective
Easy & low upkeep
Easy Transportability






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